The Kitchen

We offer a fantastic four-course set menu for Tuesday dinner, designed by the student acting as head chef on the evening. The menu will feature a starter, fish course, main course and dessert, with coffee to finish.

Our modern restaurant features a large viewing window, so you are able to see the chefs in production. The facilities and menus are versatile and can be adapted to suit any dietary needs.

Opening hours

•    Wednesday and Thursday (lunch): noon–1:30pm (last seating at 12:30pm)
•    Tuesday (dinner): 7–9:30pm (last seating at 7:30pm.)

NB: We are open during term-time only.

Thank you and well done to the six stude

Heston Blumenthal said he was very pleased and excited by the partnership with Activate Learning.

"I am very excited about the team and I getting involved in designing and creating this brand-new curriculum with Activate Learning.  My journey through the culinary industry has been led by a strong sense of curiosity and a desire to learn. I am a strong believer that teaching must inspire curiosity in its students and it works best when things are taught not straight out of books and on whiteboards but in practical and fun ways.  My hope is that in the process of building this course we will set a new template for others to follow that finds exciting and different methods to teach and also bring into the education systems many of the principals that we employ at the Fat Duck and in all my businesses.  Not only will this course give strong technical skills but our students will learn the importance of emotion, teamwork, storytelling, creativity and imagination.

"Many of the cornerstones of my cooking are based in scientific principals and my desire is that by taking this course students will get a glimpse into the smaller world that makes us all human.  It is when we look at the things we can’t see, like our emotions especially nostalgia that food can take us on incredible flights of memory allowing chefs to truly move people with their cooking.

"I also believe that learning should be fun and non-judgemental.  We must all be given the opportunity to try something and get it wrong.  My experience has taught me that it is usually in these moments of perceived failure that I have made a leap forward!  There are so many discoveries still to be made and I want this course to inspire its students to question everything like I did and make breakthroughs of their own.

"The kitchen is a great big playground for scientific and personal discovery and I want our graduates to leave feeling like I do when I work, like a kid in a sweet shop, and I believe the catering industry will be better for it.

From the Press


Trip Advisor

“Anyone in the Reading area and who would like to try something different then go to "The Kitchen at Reading College”


“Excellent food and service. Well worth the money!”


“The thing that surprised me most when I visited The Kitchen at Reading College was not how professional the students were or how the food was better than some I've had in other Reading restaurants. No, the thing that left me astounded, was that the head chef for the lunch time service was 16-years-old. 16!”